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POTD: The KR-103 from Kalashnikov USA

POTD: The KR-103 from Kalashnikov USA

POTD: The KR-103 from Kalashnikov USA. It’s been a while since we hade some Kalashnikov content, but in today’s Photo Of The Day that is luckily changing. Who would have thought that one day you could buy Kalashnikovs Made in the USA?

From Kalashnikov USA:

We are proud to introduce another offering from our custom shop. We started with a tried and true fixed stock KR-103 IN 7.62X39MM and added our custom wood furniture in “rust orange” featuring the the sought after SHARK FIN MLOK wood lower handguard with a matching upper handguard and ergonomic custom grip.

Pictures, pictures, pictures. But only pictures of firearms of some kind. That’s how TFB’s Photo Of The Day works.


Our new KR-103 Rifle is the semi-automatic civilian version of the AK-103, a 21st century version of Russia’s famous AKM (Avtomat Kalasnikova modernizirovanny) Rifle, chambered in the Soviet 7.62x39mm caliber. The AK-103 was one of the last designs overseen directly by Mikhail Kalashnikov, the father of the original AK-47. The KR-103 will accept all AKM or AK-74 furniture and accessories. It utilizes a US- made 7.62mm steel reinforced polymer magazine that is every bit as reliable as the Russian mags produced at the famous Izhmash or Tula arsenals in Russia. It can also accept a drum magazine. The KR-103 is also fitted with a highly effective muzzle brake similar to that first introduced in the AK-74 and which continues to be used in the latest generation of Russian military rifles, the AK-12 and the AK- 15.

Great care has been taken to design and build the KR-103 according to the original Russian specifications. As a result, the KR-103 duplicates the incredible ruggedness and reliability that have made the AK-47 and AKM platforms the most prolific firearm in the world with over 100 million having been manufactured.

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